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Moving Services for Care Homes

Aside from moving an individual, we offer a broad range of services that can help with the running of your care home. Feel free to contact us at any time for an estimate on our services.

In running a care home, we realize that an individual’s housing needs can change quickly. ABE Moving can fill a need in responding to these changes efficiently.

Services for your residents

Moving residents in/out

We can help with any size move, from delivering only large furniture items, to full service.

Our full services moves include providing boxes and packing materials, packing/unpacking your home, removing all packing materials and making sure their furniture is arranged the way they like it.

Providing packing materials

Whatever the moving needs are of new or existing residents, it’s essential to have the proper packing materials - well constructed boxes, shrink/bubble wrap etc. We can arrange delivery of these items, and packing as needed.


As the care needs of your residents can change, so can their living situation. Our thoughtful staff can help your residents during a transition that involves downsizing, by working to reduce any clutter the resident no longer needs and disposing of any items necessary.

Services for your business

On-site relocation of equipment

From time to time, you may need to have larger on site equipment relocated on premises. With our expert movers and moving equipment, we can have bulky equipment moved quickly. Call us to leave the hassle behind.

Office moves

ABE Moving are experienced movers of offices large and small. We can coordinate your move with the scheduling and efficiency needed to minimize downtime and have you up and running.

Probate moves

We at ABE Moving have a flexible schedule, so if the need for a probate move arises, we are able to respond quickly and in the way that would best be of help - whether that means moving belongings to another residence, storage, or disposal.


We offer a specialized and versatile service for anything your business might need, whether it’s office furniture or bulky items. our professional team are on call to assist in reducing stress and increasing your efficiency.

We also offer special packages for continuous deliveries. we’re happy to provide you with a free estimate and to show a personal interest in your company.