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Delivery & Disposal Services

Deliveries (Depending on Weight)

Just bought a new sofa off of Used Victoria, or Craigslist and wondering how your going to get it home? This is the easy stress free option you are looking for.
We will send two men and a truck to pick it up for you.

Transportation of less then six items are considered Deliveries. Rates are charged either by the hour or a previously specified and agreed upon amount.

Business Delivery Service

This is a great option, if you have a business but don't need a full time delivery staff. We have an unmarked truck that can make deliveries and pick ups on behalf of your company. Please call or e-mail for rates and information.
Minimum charge is 1.5 hours

Disposal Service

Do you have an old washer and dryer, mattress, sofa?
Why not dispose of them? We will send 2 men and a truck to clear it away for you.

This service is for 1 to 6 items.
Minimum charge of 1.5 hours and varies based on Weight + Dump Fees