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ABE Moving - FAQ's

When Should I Schedule My Move?
The earlier you book your move, the more likely you are going to get the date and time you want. It’s best to book as soon as you know the moving date that would work best for you.
Is There a Minimum Charge For Every Move?
Yes, we do charge a minimum of 1.5 hours labour, as well as travel time. The travel time is calculated in 15 min increments for local moves.
What is Travel Time?
Travel Time covers the time it takes our moving truck to get from our office to your location, and then to get back after the move is completed. For local Victoria moves travel time is calculated in 15 min increments for local moves.
How Can I Save Money On My Move?
There are a few ways to save money, but they all come down to preparation. Making sure that you are well packed will save you time. If there is an elevator in your building, talk to the building manager about having it reserved for your move. If you are flexible on the date of your move, it might be possible to bundle a long distance move with others to save money. Try asking about current specials, or discounts for seniors. Not everyone offers these, but it never hurts to ask.
Do I Need To Buy Wardrobe Boxes?
ABE Moving includes 2 free wardrobe boxes on all local moves. Why pay for a wardrobe box you would only use once?
Do I Need To Place a Deposit To Reserve My Moving Truck?
Not always. The only time a deposit may be necessary is if your move takes place at the end of the month. Then, only a 10% deposit is required.
I Have a ___ Bedroom Home, How Many Men Should Be On The Crew?
The general rule of thumb is that anything over a 2 bedroom should have 3 men. If there are lots of stairs to climb, or you have something large like a piano, the extra man will save you money and time.
Is ABE Moving Insured?
Yes we are. Many companies offer varying rates for different coverage, but we offer current market value at no extra cost. That means if something breaks we will fix or replace it. No extra hassle.
Do I Need a Moving Estimate?
Yes. Many smaller homes (2 bedrooms or less) can be given a moving estimate over the phone. If it is more than 2 bedrooms, or you are moving long distance, or need to be packed as well, we will arrange an in home estimate for you.
How Long Will My Move Take?
Listed below are the average times:
1 bedroom - 2 to 4 hours +
2 bedrooms - 4 to 6 hours +
3 bedrooms - 6 to 8 hours +
4 bedrooms - 9 to 10 hours +
5 bedrooms - 10 hours +
These estimates vary depending on how many men used for the move. We charge travel time in 15 min increments for local moves, each way, to and from your home.
Our moves are calculated by the quarter hour.
Do You Move Pianos? And If So, Do You Charge Extra?
Yes, we do move pianos. We don't charge any extra to move your piano, but it does need to be a 3 man crew. If you only have a 2 man move, then we do have to charge an extra $150.
Do You Have Long Term And Short Term Storage?
Yes, we have both long term and short term storage. Please see our storage page for details.
Where Is Your Storage Located?
We do not have self-storage, only secure storage that we will access for you. Just give us a call to make arrangements.
Do You Pick Up International Moves From The Port Of Vancouver And Port Of Victoria?
Yes. We do pick up international moves from the port, but there are a few steps you must take before your move. Please contact us for details.
Should I Take Apart/Dissemble And Package Things Like Bed Frames, Armoires, Table Legs? Will It Make My Move Cheaper?
We will gladly do all that for you. But remember, anything you feel comfortable to do ahead of time will save time on moving day. Any time saved is money saved!
I Have An Emergency Move, Do You Handle Emergency Moving?
Yes. We know life doesn't always go as planned. We respond to last minute jobs immediately. Give us a call and we will help you out on your emergency move.