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Moving Options

At ABE Moving we do our best to provide you with options

Whether you are moving across town, or moving across Canada.
If there is something that you need moved and we don’t have an option listed, contact us and we will work out a custom solution.

Moving to Out of Town or Long Distance? We will come and give you a free estimate!

Call us today to order your moving supplies.

Please Note:
These estimates could vary depending on your particular home. Your entrances and exits (stairs or elevator) may make the move go faster or slower. If you feel your home may be difficult to access and may result in a slower move, please discuss it with us, in some instances adding an extra man will speed things up and save you money.
**Travel time is calculated in 15min increments, this is to cover the time it takes our driver to get from our office to the job, as well as the time it takes them to get back to office.

3 Ton Truck
& 2 Men

  • This is good for a 1 to 2 bedroom apartment or house. You might also consider this if you have deliveries or disposal runs over 6 items.
  • Estimated Times:
  • 1 Bedroom - 2 to 4 hours
  • 2 Bedrooms - 4 to 6 hours
  • Minimum charge is 1.5 hours + travel time

5 Ton Truck
& 3 Men

  • This is good for anything from a 1 to 4 bedroom +. Adding man power is a great way to speed up your move, and in the end save you money. What other advantages does a 3rd man add? As you know how much you can fit in a truck is directly related to how good its packed. Adding a 3rd man makes sure we get the most use of space in the truck, as well as speed.
  • Estimated Times:
  • 3 Bedroom - 6 to 8 hours +
  • 4 Bedrooms - 9 to 10 hours +
  • 5 Bedrooms - 10 hours +
  • Minimum charge is 1.5 hours + travel time